Commint Buka (Surulere & Ikeja) Review

Commint Buka (Surulere & Ikeja) Review

Looking for a lovely local cuisine restaurant in Lagos?

Your search is over, I am here to put you through.

Yesterday, I visited a store around Ikeja, Lagos to pick up my order.

Meanwhile, I have been craving Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup for about two (2) weeks, so I thought to go online to search for a nearby restaurant I can eat Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup.

And then, I found Commint Buka.

I booked a ride and arrived at their Ikeja outlet.

At the entrance, a security man was there to ensure everyone coming in complies with COVID-19 preventive rules. Make sure to have a nose mask when visiting.

On getting inside, I saw beyond what a typical local cuisine restaurant looks like.

The restaurant was well structured and organized.

I proceed to the food section to place my order, I bought two (2) wraps of Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup with Croaker Fish.

What I Ordered For And QuantityPrice (Naira)
2 wraps of pounded yam
1 croaker fish
1 bottle water
Consumption TAX

The food tasted delicious, the Pounded Yam was so smooth and the Egusi Soup was well seasoned and accompanied with pomo, stockfish, and so on.

I found out they have another outlet in Surulere asides from the Ikeja outlet I visited.

After I finished eating, I spotted a staircase and asked one of their workers what that is for, I was informed they have a larger space for people to eat upstairs.

The curiosity spirit in me asked me to go have a look at what the space upstairs looks like.

I was wowed.

See images below.

Commint Buka Ikeja Address: 15/17 Majekodunmi Street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos

Commint Buka Surulere Address: 26 Itire Road, Municipal Bus Stop, Surulere, Lagos

Commint Buka Menu & Price List

How To Order For Food From Commint Buka Online

Another good thing about Commit Buka is that you don’t have to visit their restaurant to buy food from them, you can simply place your order online from either their Ikeja or Surulere outlet and have it delivered to you in 20 to 45 minutes.

Follow the steps below to place your order online:

1. Look through the menu above and make your choice of food

2. Send a message to their WhatsApp number (See WhatsApp number below), telling them what you’ll love to get

3. State your delivery address as well

4. Their WhatsApp sales agent will tell you the total cost of your food, including delivery fee and give you their account number

5. Proceed to make payment and after you do save or take a screenshot of your successful payment

6. Send your evidence of payment to their WhatsApp number and expect your food in 20 to 45 mins

Commint Buka Ikeja WhatsApp and Phone Number: 0909 000 5472.

Commint Buka Surulere WhatsApp and Phone Number: 0808 390 2555.


Commint buka is a local cuisine restaurant with great food and exceptional customer service.

I am definitely going back there soon.

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