Disadvantages Or Side Effects Of Palm Wine

Disadvantages Or Side Effects Of Palm Wine

Palm wine has gradually moved from a drink served in local or rural areas to a city drink.

In Nigeria, palm wine can be found in almost every region, gathering and party.

Palm wine has become a drink for the young and old, men and women.

Yes, palm wine has a lot of health benefits as it contains vitamins that fight cancer, increase eyesight, maintain healthy skin, nails and hair, reduce cardiovascular diseases and improve lactation in nursing mothers and so much more.

However, the disadvantages or side effects of palm wine are very much available and should not be neglected.

7 Damages Palm Wine Causes To human Health

Despite the various nutritional values palm wine offers, taking it in excess should never be an option.

See below health defects that can be encountered from taking palm wine in excess:

1. Kidney stone:

All humans are equipped with antidiuretic hormone (ADH), ADH produced by the brain, is responsible for telling the kidney when its time to stop urine production.

Excess intake of palm wine suppresses the antidiuretic hormone, thereby making you urinate often.

Recurrent urination will lead to dehydration and further allow the collation of hard salt and minerals that cause KIDNEY STONES.

2. Neurological symptoms:

Recurrent intake of palm wine could result in neurological symptoms like body rigidity and muscle contraction.

3. Fat Build-up In The Liver:

Drinking palm wine in excess can bring forth an Alcohol-Related Liver Disease (ARLD) called Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease.

Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease occurs when there is a build-up of fat in the liver as a result of excess intake of alcohol (palm wine).

4. Blood Clotting Disorder:

When you get injured, your blood cells clump together to cover the spot of the injury, they also release proteins known as a clotting factor. These clotting factors cover the spot of the injury.

Research has proven that excess drinking in excess thins the blood when there’s an injury by decreasing the clumping or clotting of blood cells.

This action can lead to blockage in the blood vessel of the heart, uncontrollable bleeding and possibly a heart attack.

5. Weakened Heart Muscle:

Long term abuse of palm wine despite having blood clotting disorder will lead make the heart muscle unable to pump blood.

6. Miscarriage:

Medical research has proven that consuming palm wine during pregnancy is risky as it can lead to miscarriage.

7. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: 

If a pregnant woman consumes alcohol during pregnancy and escapes miscarriage, she’s still putting her foetus at risk of future health defects.

Palm wine is capable of crossing the placenta into the fetus causing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a health defect passed over to a baby while in the womb. Examples are low body weight, difficulty with attention, poor memory, learning disabilities, vision or hearing problems and so on.


1. When taking palm wine, take in moderation

2. Don’t take palm wine at all if pregnant

3. If you need to take palm wine, take the fresh one only

4. If you have health conditions associated with liver and kidney, avoid taking palm wine

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