How To Change Password On Hotmail

How To Change Password On Hotmail

Because your mail contains a lot of sensitive and important information, keeping it safe is a top priority.

One security tip is to change your passwords frequently, but it’s not always clear why you have to do something so inconvenient on a regular basis.

Changing your password protects you from a variety of threats, including the less obvious ones like the passwords saved on a device or gadget you nolonger own.

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Why Is It Important To Change Your Password Regularly

If you’re not sure why it’s vital to change your password on a regular basis, these four reasons should help.

1. It limits the number of accounts that can be hacked: If you use the same password for all of your accounts, you should expect the others to get hacked as well. A different password should be used for each account. You should never use your Facebook password as your work password or your Target password as your mobile banking password, for example.

2. It prevents persistent access: Over time, a hacker may attempt to enter your account multiple times. Changing your password frequently decreases the chance of them gaining access on a regular basis.

3. It prevents the usage of saved passwords: If you lose or change computers, your passwords may become accessible to others. If you update your passwords on a regular basis, even if someone discovers an old or preserved password, it will be useless, and your data will be safe.

4. It restricts keystroke loggers access: A keystroke logger is a piece of surveillance equipment that records keystrokes. It’s frequently used to steal credit card numbers and login credentials. Passwords obtained this method are less likely to be useful for long periods of time if you change your password on a regular basis.

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Steps On How To Change Password On Hotmail

1. Go to and sign in to your Hotmail account.

2. At the upper right of the screen, click on your name.

3. Select View Profile.

4. Click Next to your email address, change the password.

5. Microsoft will confirm that you are the one seeking a password change: Click Send code after entering your email address.

6. Look for a code in your mailbox, then paste it into the browser and click Submit.

7. Now re-enter your current and new passwords (both must be at least eight characters long and case-sensitive).

8. Click Save.

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