How To Gain Weight For Legs

How To Gain Weight For Legs

Looking to add some weight to your legs?

Gaining some weight to your legs can be tricky, but worry less, I am here to assist.

To gain weight in your legs, there 3 key things to watch out for and they are:

  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Lifestyle 

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As much as exercise helps to lose and maintain weight, it can also help one to gain weight in the right places if done properly.

To gain weight in your legs, you should start carrying out the following exercises:

1. Squat: This is done by putting your hands on your hips, bending to your knee uprightly and moving up and down repeatedly.

2. Calf raises: To do this, stand up straight holding 2 dumbbells (dumbbells are optional), now tilt back to stand on the ball of your feet and also tilt forward to stand on your toes. Do this repeatedly.

3. Lunges: To do this, stand upright and tighten your stomach muscle, move one leg ahead like you’re about to step forward and kneel with it, then return to your original position. Do this repeatedly.

It is crucial to avoid or limit aerobic and cardio exercises if you’re looking to gain weight in your legs as they function very well in reducing the overall body weight.

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There are certain foods to eat and avoid when one is trying to gain some weight for the legs.

Food to eat are: 

1. Fruits

2. Meat

3. Diary products 

4. Grain 

5. Vegetable

6. Legumes

7. Nuts and seeds

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Types of food to avoid or limit are:

1. Food high in fibre 

2. Artificial sweetener or sugar

3. Fried food


Asides from food and exercise, our way of life can also deny body weight gain.

When looking to gain weight for the legs, there are certain lifestyle traits or behaviour you need to put a stop to or reduce and they are:

1. Smoking and drinking 

2. Insufficient sleep

3. Stress

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