How To Get A Loan From Aella Credit

How To Get A Loan From Your Aella Credit App

For several years, Aella Credit has provided instant loans to salaried employees and individuals in general.

Aella Credit is an online money lending platform where loans can be taken.

At Aella Credit, loans are given without collateral or guarantor.

Since 2015 to date, has met the immediate need of several individuals.

They have a very fair interest rate and no late repayment fee, which means you will not have to pay an extra fee if you miss repaying your loan on the given date.

Also, they grant loans in just 5 mins.

To get started, you need to create an Aella Credit account.

How To Create An Aella Credit Account

1. Go to your Google Play Store or IOS AppStore to download and install the Aella Credit App or simply click here to visit their web sign up page

2. You will be asked if your organization is part of Aella Credit or not, If your company is part and you want to apply through their network, click yes and if not click no

3. Enter your first name

4. Insert your last name 

5. Enter phone number 

6. Insert your email address 

7. Select your gender

8. Enter your preferred password 

9. Click sign up

10. Enter the OTP sent to your phone

11. Click verify

12. Enter the verification code sent to your email

13. Click verify

14. Enter your BVN

15. Enter your date of birth 

16. Enter the BVN activation code sent to you via SMS 

17. Click verify and you have your account

Aella Credit Loan Requirement 

After creating your account, certain requirements need to be ticked off the box to get a loan. They are:

1. You must have updated your account with your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

2. You must have uploaded basic information about you like your name, email address, photograph, phone number and gender

3. You will also need to update your commercial bank account details

4. Then, your employee ID number if you are applying for a loan based on your employer’s relationship with them.

How To Apply For Aella Credit Loan

Step 1: Log into your mobile app (loan request can not be made on the web, only on Aella Credit mobile app)

Step 2: Locate the apply for loan section and click

Step 3: You will be required to check your loan eligibility status. Click on check eligibility

Step 4: Make your preferred choice of loan amount and submit

Step 5: Wait for a loan decision from Aella Credit (this usually takes 5 minutes or less)

Step 6: After the decision is made, your account gets credited

Aella Credit Loan Interest Rate  

Aella Credit operates an interest rate of 4% to 30% on loan taken.

This interest rate varies with the borrower’s relationship with their organization.

Aella Credit Loan Tenor

Aella Credit gives out loan to be repaid within 30 to 90 days only. i.e. 1 month to 3 months.

How To Repay Aella Credit Loan

Repaying Aella Credit loan is much easier than getting the loan, there are two (2) options available:

Option 1: Set a repayment date. On the day set, Aella Credit will automatically deduct your repayment from your linked commercial bank account.

Option 2: Log into your mobile app, locate and click the repay now button, tap on the card linked to your account and it is done.

All you have to do is to log in to your mobile app and repay with your mobile app, this takes less than 2 minutes.

If you need further information on how to go about it, call Aella Credit customer care number on 09080296333 or send an email to

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