How To Get My UBA Mobile Banking User ID

How To Get My UBA Mobile Banking User ID

Like every other commercial bank, the United Bank for Africa (UBA) provided an enhanced mobile banking experience for its customer.

With UBA mobile banking, banking transactions are easily accessible and carried due to the features mentioned below:

• Quick log-in within a few seconds with the biometric option on devices that support this feature

• Faster navigation with the sliding menu available on all user sessions

• Fewer, more intuitive screens enhancing user experience

• ATM/Branch locator

• 24-hour customer service support via live chat

• Quick selection of phone numbers from device contacts list for airtime top-up

• Favourites list creation for easier transactions

• Auto reminders for recurrent bill payments and transfers

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Benefits of UBA Mobile Banking

1. Controls

2. Support

3. Flexibility

Control: Manage all your accounts, cards, bills and more from a single dashboard.

Support: Sort out transaction disputes and locate a branch or ATM close to you with the UBA Mobile App.

Flexibility: Wherever you are, whenever it may be, you are never without options; everything you need is right there.

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Steps On How To Get My UBA Mobile Banking User ID

To know your UBA User ID, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Click here to visit the home page of UBA internet banking

Step 2: Locate and click “Forgot User ID”

Step 3: Enter your “Account Number”

Step 4: Then click continue

Your UBA User ID will be forwarded to the email address you registered with the bank.

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Originally posted on December 31, 2021 @ 1:15 pm

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