How to Log in as Admin on WordPress

How to Log in as Admin on WordPress

It’s normal for new users to have difficulty identifying their login URL after installing a self-hosted WordPress site for the first time. 

If you’re new to WordPress and asking, “How do I log into my site?” or if you have a client that constantly forgets the web address for logging in, this is the guide for you.

So, in this article, we’ll show you how to easily find your WordPress login URL, as well as some techniques to ensure you never lose it again.

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Steps on How to Log in as Admin on WordPress

Step 1: Open a new tab on Chrome or any other search engine you use.

Step 2: Enter your website address and add /admin to it. if your website address is, you should enter

Step 3: Click the enter or search button.

Step 4: Enter your email address and password into the required field and click the log in button.

If the login credentials you entered are correct, you should see a replica of the snapshot below on your screen.

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