How To Reset Windows 10 Password

How To Reset Windows 10 Password

Trying to remember your Windows login password?

Relax, we’ve all been there.

At this point, most people rely on trial and error, scrambling to try various combinations of letters and numbers to see what fits. What do you do if none of them works?

Fortunately, Microsoft has a system in place for recovering forgotten passwords; read on to learn more.

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Steps On How To Reset A Forgotten Windows 10 Password

1. On the sign-in screen, type your Microsoft account name if it’s not already displayed.

2. If there are multiple accounts on the computer, choose the one you want to access.

3. Click the password text box, select “Forgot password”.

4. If you previously added security information to your account, you will be required to verify your identity by selecting one of two options presented to you (email or text).

5. If you select email, retype the email address you entered during the sign-up process (recovery email). If you select text, enter the last four digits of the phone number you used to set up your Microsoft account.

6. Now go to your chosen verification method (SMS or email) to check the OTP Microsoft will send.

7. Paste or type the code you received and select “Next”.

8. Type your new password and select “Next”.

9. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to reset your Microsoft password if you have not previously set your security information.

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What To Do If You Can’t Reset Your Windows 10 Password

If you were unable to reset your password using the steps outlined above, it could be because you no longer have access to your security contact information or because you did not configure an identification recovery and verification option when you created your account.

You could, however, try the suggestions below.

• Sign in again and double-check that you’re entering the password correctly.

• Check that your email address is correct and that you’re using the correct domain name.

• Clear your browser’s cache and try signing in again.

• Sign in to your account using a different web browser.

• Check your browser for saved passwords or devices where you may have saved the password.

• Try to remember when you last used the account because it may have been closed due to inactivity.

Originally posted on March 21, 2022 @ 4:15 pm

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