How to Sell Photo as NFT

How to Sell Photo as NFT

NFTs are proven to be a viable source of additional revenue for photographers, photos on your computer can be converted to NFTs and then sold. However, many photographers are still unsure how to do so, believing that NFTs are complicated and difficult to grasp.

As a photographer, you must understand which photographs can be sold as NFTs and which NFT platforms are suitable for photography. In this article, you will find guidelines on how to sell photos as NFT.

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What is NFT?

An NFT is a digital token sold on the internet in form of an image. An NFT can be an artwork, picture or animation, it is usually transformed into NFT and sold online. 

It’s collectable, one-of-a-kind, and not transferable. Every NFT is one-of-a-kind in terms of its creative design, making them restricted and unusual. NFTs are valuable since the transaction establishes ownership of the artwork.

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Steps on How to Create an NFT

While producing an NFT is a simple process that doesn’t necessitate a thorough understanding of cryptography, it isn’t quite as simple as submitting them to an auction site and walking away.

There are six stages to creating an NFT or selling your photos as NFT, and they are as follows:

Step 1: Choose a platform to sell your work on.

Choosing the correct NFT marketplace could determine whether or not your NFT work sells. You must examine which of the various NFT marketplaces best suits the type of NFT you’re establishing, as well as which blockchain it employs. The majority of NFT marketplaces use Ethereum, but some are opting for newer blockchains because they provide lower gas fees (which you must pay to generate your NFT) and a lower carbon impact.

Below is a list of 10 NFT marketplaces that we recommend.

1. OpenSea

2. Async Art

3. Nifty Gateway

4. MakersPlace

5. Rarible

6. KnownOrigin

7. Binance

8. Foundation

9. SuperRare

10. Zora

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Step 2: Convert your Sterling into Ethereum.

This will be a digital transaction due to the digital nature of NFTs and the fact that all transactions take place on the Ethereum blockchain.

The next step is to create a digital wallet that connects to your preferred auction site and serves as your login. After you’ve set up your wallet, you can quickly connect it to the auction platform of your choice. You’re ready to go once you’ve transferred your Ethereum to your crypto wallet.

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Step 3: Mint your photo.

MINT is a phrase used to describe the process of making NFTs. You’re ready to mint your first piece once you’ve picked your platform and set up your crypto wallet. There are expenses associated with minting and listing NFTs, as with most things in life; your selected platform will take a percentage of the sale price, which is quite standard in any auction, and this could range from 2.5 to 15%.

There are also minting and listing fees to consider, the current gas cost determines these fees (the gas fee is a sort of compensation based on the computing effort energy required to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain); this charge varies depending on the current stress the blockchain is right now.

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How to Market Your NFT

It’s critical to realize that simply minting an NFT isn’t enough; you’ll also need to learn how to market your collection. It’s critical to market and develop enthusiasm for your collection in this day and age when new NFT collections are introduced on a regular basis.

Because media advertising has been demonstrated to be effective, the most successful NFT collections take it very seriously.

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