List Of Poultry Farms In Nigeria


Over the years, several investors have come to pay more importance to poultry farm business due to the high return on investment it brings.

A poultry farm is a farm where poultry animals are reared.

Some examples of poultry animals are chicken, bird, turkey, duck, e.t.c.

Poultry farm animals are:

1. Chicken

2. Wild turkey

3. Common quail

4. Domestic turkey

5. Moscovy duck

6. Red junglefowl

7. Helmeted guineafowl

8. Ringneck pheasant

9. Japanese quail

10. Mallard

11. Chukar

12. Western capercaillie

13. Indian peafowl

14. Mandarin duck

15. Black grouse

16. Canada goose

17. Grey partridge

18. Greylag goose

19. Wood duck

20. Egyptian goose

21. Common merganser

22. Golden pheasant

23. Common eider

24. Rock ptarmigan

25. Green pheasant

26. Mute swan

27. Tufted duck

28. Eurasian teal

29. Common goldeneye

30. Bufflehead

31. Northern pintail

32. Eurasian wigeon

33. Snow goose

34. Black swan

35. Whooper swan

36. Greater white-fronted goose

37. Barnacle goose

38. Gadwall

39. Hooded merganser

40. Nene

41. Garganey

42. Ruddy shelduck

43. Hazel grouse

44. Brant

45. Northern bobwhite

46. Common pochard

47. King quail

48. Greater scaup

49. Red-breasted merganser

50. Common shelduck

51. Tundra swan

Poultry Farms In Nigeria

Maizube Farm Limited:

Maizube farm limited is a poultry farm that specializes in the rearing and selling of chicken and birds.

Asides from rearing poultry animals, they also produce beverages, food and drinks like yoghurt, juice, fruit juice and so much more.

Maizube farm is located at Km 26 Minna-Bida Road, Minna, Niger, Nigeria.

Mohaz Integrated Farms:

Mohaz integrated farm is the biggest and largest poultry farm in the southeast, the poultry farm sits on a land of 125 hectares and reportedly produces 1200 crates of eggs daily.

Mohaz farm is located at Umueze village in Ihiala Local Government, Anambra, Nigeria

Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited:

Since 1987 till date, Amo farms have continued to produce high-quality chicks, they are located at 1, Ife-Odan Road, Awe Oyo State Nigeria.

Novelty Choice Country Farm Limited:

At Novelty Choice farm, poultry animals like broilers, cockerels, coilers and old layers are reared, they are located at 2 Okejagun, Isonyini Ogun, Ijebu Ode, Ogun, Lagos.

Rahamaniyah Farm Pro Limited:

Rahamaniyah farm specializes in various chains of agricultural business which includes crop production, poultry, livestock and fishery.

They are located at Agba Dam Estate Ilorin, opposite Odo Owa Street, Ilorin, Kwara.

Joefus Farm Limited:

At Joefus farm, fishery and poultry farming are done, they specialize in the production and rearing of various fishies and poultry animals.

They are located at New Road, off Ada George, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

Samdanest Nigeria Limited:

Samdanest farm is an agric investment consultant, farm management and farm produce marketing company.
They are located at 9 Odunlami street Off Erunwon/Isonyin, Ijebu Ode, Ogun.

Adejoro Mushroom Farm:

Adejoro farm is equipped with modern-day equipment that helps in the effective production and rearing of poultry animals.

They are located at 58, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

Imo Golden Chicken Farm Limited:

At Imo Golden farm, rearing of poultry animals and crop production are done, they are located at 123 Okigwe Road, Owerri, Imo, Nigeria

Uche Farm:

At Uche farm, poultry animals like chicken, turkey and much more are sold. They also sell crates of eggs.

They are located at 1 Olode-Okuta Street, Ojuelegba, Surulere, Lagos.

TAK Poultry Farm

TAK poultry farm is a poultry farm that specializes in the supply of poultry farm animals and products like chicken, turkey eggs and so on.

They are located at 17 Aiyedoto Poultry Estate, Agric Bus Stop, Agric Ojo, Lagos.

Choice Farms Of Nigeria:

Choice farm is a modern farm that deals in the rearing of poultry animals, vegetable and organic fruits, they are located at KM 11 Lekki – Epe Expressway, Okegun, Epe.

Khaafy Poultry Farm:

Khaafy specializes in the sale of poultry farm product like egg. They are located at 146 Lawanson Rd, Mushin, Lagos.

Profundis Farm Nigeria limited:

Profundis farm sole aim is to provide the best farm produce to consumers, they are located at Block 8 Flat 2 Lsdpc Estate Ipaja Lagos.

Obasanjo Farm Nigeria Limited

Obasanjo farm deals in the production, rearing and supply of poultry farm animals and produce, they are located at Km 5 Idiroko Rd, behind General Hospital Ota, Ota, Ogun.

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