Okra Gel For Hair Growth: How to Prepare and Use

How To Make, Preserve & Use Okra Gel For Hair Growth

Asides from being a nutritious food with numerous health benefits, Okra also provides numerous benefits to human hair.

The Okra gel, which is extracted from Okra help to grow and sustain healthy hair.

In this article, you will find guidelines on how to make Okra gel, preserve it, use it for hair growth and also the benefits it provides to the hair.

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How To Make Okra Gel

The process involved in making Okra gel is very simple as it can be made easily at home.

It also does not require expensive materials or ingredients, most materials needed are readily available in your kitchen.

See below materials or ingredients needed to make Okra gel:

1. Okra

2. Water

3. Pot

4. Gas or stove

5. Knife

6. Chopping board or tray

7. Cheesecloth or strainer

8. Storage container

9. Spray bottle

Steps on how to make Okra gel:

1. Wash your Okra thoroughly with water

2. Place your washed Okra in your chopping board and chop into smaller pieces

3. Pour your chopped Okra into a pot

4. Pour little water into the pot (a cup of water is okay, you can add more or less water depending on the quantity of your Okra)

5. Lit your stove or gas and place your pot on heat

6. Heat the chopped Okra and water placed in your pot for 15 to 20 mins on low to medium heat
NB: After 8 to 10 mins of heating the pot, your Okra will lose its slimy characteristics to the water in the pot

7. After 20 mins, turn off your gas or stove and allow the cool

8. After the Okra and water mixture cools off, pour it in a cheesecloth or strainer with a storage container underneath to receive the Okra gel extracted from the Okra and water mixture

9. It is more advisable to use cheesecloth as it allows more passage of Okra gel than when a strainer is being used

10. Pour into a spray bottle (this is optional, only advisable for easy usage)

Viola, your Okra gel is ready to be used.

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How To Preserve Okra Gel

Most times Okra gel spoilt when left for a while; to preserve your Okra gel, do the following:

1. Add lemon juice to your Okra gel

2. Store your Okra gel in an airtight container

3. And refrigerate your Okra gel

The lemon contains acidic ingredients that will help increase the shelf life of your Okra gel by reducing the stickiness.

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How To Use Okra Gel For Hair Growth

Okra itself is rich in nutrients that aid hair growth, it contains Vitamin A, C and K, calcium, potassium.

These nutrients help moisturize the hair, speed up hair growth and get rid of dandruff in the hair.

The gel extracted from Okra also contains all these essential benefits mentioned above.

To use Okra gel on your hair, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Part your hair into 4 parts

2. Spray the Okra gel on each section of your hair and massage for deeper penetration

3. Tie your hair down with a scarf or wear a steaming cap so your hair can absorb the Okra gel

4. Take the scarf or steaming cap out after 30 mins

5. Then, brush and style your hair as you wish

You can also add few drops of your favourite essential oil to the Okra gel for fragrance.

Benefits Or Advantages Of Applying Okra Gel To The Hair

1. It is cheap and readily available

2. It contains essential properties that aid hair growth

3. It softens the hair and makes it extremely easy to comb or detangle (very good for those with natural hair)

4. It defines the curls in the hair

5. It restores damaged hair

6. It adds moisture and shine to the hair

7. It helps get rid of dry scalp and dandruff

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