Onions Juice: How To Make Onions Juice

Onions Juice: How To Make Onions Juice

It is almost impossible to cook without onions, it is known as a powerful food ingredient.

Due to its fair shelf life, it gets spoilt when left unused for a period of time. Juicing onions is one of the ways used in storing onions for a long period of time.

When your onions is juiced, you can easily keep it in an airtight jar or container and refrigerate.

In this article, I will be guiding you on how to make onions juice, also the ingredients and kitchen tools needed.

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Ingredients & Kitchen Tools Needed To Make Onions Juice

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1. Onions

2. Blender or juicer

3. Knife

4. Water

5. Cheesecloth or strainer

6. Storage jar or container

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Steps On How To Make Onions Juice 

Step 1: Take out the peel from the body of your onions

Step 2: Cut the onions into smaller pieces

Step 3: Rinse the chopped onions with clean water to remove dirt

Step 4: Pour the clean onions into a juicer to extract the juice in the onions, alternatively, you can pour the onions into a blender, add small water and blend into a paste.

Step 5: Then pour into a strainer or cheesecloth to extract the juice in the onions.

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How To Preserve Onions Juice 

After juicing your onions, the next thing to think about is how to preserve it, you can preserve your onions juice by keeping it in an airtight container or jar and storing it in the fridge.

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Uses Of Onions Juice

1. It is used for cooking

2. It can be used to promote hair growth

3. It is also used to prevent hair loss

4. It is used to cure fever, cold and cold

5. It can be used to lighten dark lips

6. It also helps fight acne and other skin infection

7. It is used to prevent ageing by clearing fine lines and wrinkles

8. It also helps reduce the risk of cancer

9. It lowers the blood glucose level – this is good for diabetic patient

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