Clove Soaked In Water For Infection

Clove Soaked In Water For Infection

Clove is popularly known as a sweet and aromatic spice that is often used by traditional practitioners.

So far, medical research has proven that the nutrients and compounds present in the clove are of great benefit to human health, especially in curing yeast infection.

Itchiness, discomfort, burning, redness, etc are mostly a result of the overgrown of Candida, a fungus that lives in the human body

Clove is a natural remedy that has helped hundreds of people cure yeast infections, see how to go about it in the paragraph below.

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Ways/Method to Use Clove Soaked in Water to Cure Infection

There are 2 ways or methods that can be followed when making the clove water infection cure and they are:

1. Soaking

2. Steaming

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1. Soaking Method:

The soaking method is very simple and straightforward, it requires just your cloves, water and a jar or plastic container.

Method of preparation:

Rinse your cloves with clean water, transfer the clean cloves into a jar or plastic container, fill the jar or plastic container with water and store in a cool place for 3 days.

After 3 days, the water in the jar would have absorbed the nutrients from the clove, sieve with a strainer to remove the cloves and store the extracted water in a clean jar.

Method of usage:

Drink the clove water every morning before breakfast and every night after dinner.

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2. Steaming Method:

The steaming method requires applying the heat gotten from clove water.

Method of preparation:

Simply place your rinsed clove in a bucket, add some salt and warm water and stir.

Method of usage:

Sit on the bucket of clove, salt and warm water for 5 mins for steaming and cleansing.

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Other Health Benefits Of Clove

1. It increases gastric secretions

2. It reduces symptoms associated with stomach pain, excess gas, and indigestion

3. It helps in losing weight by improving digestion and boosting metabolism

4. It helps promote insulin production which lowers blood sugar

5. It fights plaque and bacteria in the mouth

6. It helps in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation

7. It boosts the immune system and protects the body against infections and cases of flu

8. It preserves bone mass, increases bone density and strengthens the bone

9. It could help promote liver health

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