How To Get High CPC On Adsense In 2023

How To Get High CPC On Adsense In 2022

Every blogger who has collaborated with Adsense has one thing in common; they all want to increase their CPC.

CPC stands for “Cost Per Click”, it is an online advertising revenue model that websites use to bill advertisers based on the number of times visitors click on a display ad attached to their sites.

In other words, a greater CPC equals a larger income.

Your CPC can easily be seen from the dashboard of your Adsense homepage.

To calculate your Adsence CPC: (Income X 1000) / Number of page views.

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In February, Mr A’s blog attracted 100,000 visitors, with an average CPC of $2. His total earnings will be $200 (100,000/1000 X $2).

In February, Mr B’s blog attracted 100,000 visitors, with an average EPMV of $5. His total earnings will be $500 (100,000/1000 X $5).

A higher CPC indeed makes a difference.

In this article, I’ll share with you six tactics that I’ve used to improve my CPC. I’ll start by outlining the elements that influence your CPC and offer suggestions on how to improve it.

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Factors That Influence Your Adsense CPC

1. Traffic quality

2. Number of articles published

3. Wrong ad placement

4. Blog niche

5. Web user purchasing power

6. Length of article

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Traffic Quality:

Majority of the time, low blogging income is due to low quality visitors. You could strive to attract millions of visits to your site, but if the visitors aren’t of high quality, your blog will suffer.

Traffic from top-tier countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, and others are considered high quality.

Because most of these marketers operate directly from these countries, traffic from countries in the top tier category is more likely to create higher revenue.

As a publisher who is not a citizen or resident of any of these top tier nations but wishes to earn at their rate, all you have to do is write and publish content that these citizens or residents can relate to.

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Number of articles published:

This isn’t a novel idea; in fact, it’s pure mathematics. 

All things being equal, if one article yields $5, ten articles should generate $50.

Therefore, the more you write, the more you earn.

Create a publishing calendar, stick to it and see your income skyrocket in a couple of weeks.

Wrong Ad Placement:

The placement of your advertising on your blog’s design has a significant impact on your AdSense CPC, place your advertisements carefully so that Google places them where your visitors are most likely to click; that way, you’ll get a better CPC.

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Blog niche:

The vast majority of bloggers began writing as a result of the incredible income reports they read or saw online; after all, who wouldn’t want to earn thousands and hundreds of dollars?

Some of these bloggers make the error of not picking the correct niche; don’t get me wrong, there is no such thing as a bad niche; nevertheless, there are more profitable niches that don’t require as much effort to earn money from.

If you’re a new blogger still finding a path, make research on profitable niche in your region which you can venture in.

And if you’re an old blogger attempting to make a living from your site, use keyword research tools like Ubersuggest or SemRush to uncover keywords with high search volume in your niche. When you find a good piece of material, make sure you write it well.

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Web user purchasing power:

The purchasing power of your visitors determines the quality of your visitors. Their purchasing power determines their level of quality.

A Conversion Pixel is a pixel that Google and Facebook provide to advertisers to install on a specific page of their website; this is the “thank you” page you’ll see most of the time after making a purchase on a website.

Each time someone visits a “thank you” page on the internet, their information is shared to Google, Facebook, or both.

Google/Facebook knows how much the product you just bought cost when you arrive on that page. They can use this information to create a “transaction profile” for you.

Both Google and Facebook can use this to compile a massive database of information on you on the internet.

If you visit 50 Thank You pages in a year and each of the things you buy costs $1,000, Google and Facebook will be able to determine your “Purchasing power” based on that information.

This means that Google and Facebook will work hard to offer you advertisements that are appropriate for your purchasing power.

When an organization has to make sales and run advertisements online, people with more purchasing power would most likely see those ads first, before those with less purchasing power.

As a result, if you want to boost your blogging income, you should target this demographic and encourage them to visit your site. Google will serve them high-quality advertisements with a high CPC when they visit your blog.

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Length of article:

Although there is no one-size-fits-all technique to writing large articles, I’ve noticed a few key aspects that make the process go considerably more smoothly:

• Do your homework and study as much as you can about the subject: While not everything will make it into the post, it will aid you in selecting and prioritizing the most relevant elements or developing a distinct point-of-view or opinion that will make the piece more engaging to read.

• Make an outline for the piece: I normally develop a list of how I plan to approach the article, while others create an outline and still others compose it on the fly.

• Be aware of your target market: Who will be interested in reading this article? The audience influences your decisions on what research to include, how to organize the work, and how you speak. 

• Write: It’s not unusual for writers to go through numerous drafts before settling on the final one, so keep writing. The first draft may be sloppy and disconnected, but that’s okay because it’s only the first draft. On the first draft, you are not expected to write flawlessly. Repeat the process of writing, revising, and rewriting.

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Another tip you can use to make your content longer is to incorporate images that connect to the topic matter. This will assist raise the amount of time a web visitor spends on your blog and will also allow them to view more ads, increasing your revenue.

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