Is Toyota Corolla The Best Car For Uber And Bolt (Taxify)?

Since the introduction of Ride-Hailing to Nigeria in the year 2014, transporting from one location to another has been easier, more secure and comfortable.

Ride-Hailing simply means ordering a customized ride online, usually via digital applications.

Before the introduction of Ride-Hailing brands like Uber, Bolt, Oga taxi, Rideme, Jekalo and others, commercial buses (known as Danfo) and Taxi were the main big thing in the world of transportation. 

Getting a Taxi easily was almost impossible most especially on weekends, the fare was also on the high side as there was no measure to track the ride distance, the drivers usually give prices based on their estimation. 

Times changed, innovation came.

The emergence of Ride-Hailing in Nigeria transformed the way we move around. I will be mentioning some Ride-Hailing businesses in Nigeria that have contributed to this transformation below:

1. Uber

2. Bolt (formerly known as Taxify)

3. Oga taxi

4. Gidi traffic 

5. Jekalo

6. PamDrive 

7. Rideme

Asides from providing transportation services, ride-hailing has also provided employment opportunities to a lot of Nigerians. 

As we know, brands like Uber, Bolt and more allow vehicle owners and drivers to leverage their platform by partnering with them. 

Bolt (formerly known as Taxify) was reported to have over 60% share of Nigeria ride-hailing space, case studies carried out pointed to the easy registration process they have as the factor responsible for its large take of the market share. 

From various research carried out, it was established that drivers make as much as N15,000 to N30,000 daily. 

The money earned from this has made a lot of people consider being a ride-hailing driver or even employ a driver to do the driving on their behalf while they pay the driver out of what was earned or vice versa. 

Oftentimes, we have heard questions like “What car is best for Uber or Bolt (Taxify) business”

In choosing a specific car for Uber or Bolt (Taxify), there are crucial factors that need to be considered. They are;

1. Fuel efficiency

2. Cost of maintenance

3. Reliability.

These factors have proven to be of high importance. The most prefered car Nigerians use for Uber and Bolt (Taxify) is Toyota Corolla, mostly year 2005.

Toyota Corolla is well built and designed with a reputation for dependability. Its small engine option of 1.8L gives room for high fuel efficiency. It is reliable, has good space, conditioning and a sound system that will make riders feel more comfortable.

Due to its high demand in the market, it has a very good resale value.

The disadvantage of using a Toyota Corolla for Uber or Bolt (Taxify) business

Following the rise of criminal activities in Nigeria, Toyota Corolla cars are not left out. These criminals use vehicles spark plugs (magic stone) to break the vehicle’s quarter glass (also known as vent glass) without attracting attention.

With the window broken, they can easily get access to the vehicle. Most times they go away with the car’s brain box and window controller.

Now back to the disadvantage of using a Toyota Corolla for Uber and Taxify business. 

In situations of car vandalization as mentioned above, it is easier and faster for criminals to carry out theft in Toyota Corolla vehicles.

Wondering how?

The brain box for Toyota Corolla vehicles can be easily taken out, it is located under the glove compartment (sometimes called the front drawer). This makes it very easy to be stolen unlike other vehicles whose brain box are placed in hidden places.

As a Uber or Bolt (Taxify) driver or even a personal car owner that drives Toyota Corolla, ensure your vehicle is parked in a safe place in order to avoid vandalization from thieves. 

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